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Chickens flying

It's been a month since our chickens arrived. In the life of a chicken, one month is a long time. It takes humans several years to grow from cute babies into cheeky school-age children. Chickens can do it in a single month.

They are now less cute or fluffy , but they are  stronger and more independent than before. They have impressive wings and can fly!

This is how our chickens looked when they arrived a month ago (end of April):


And these are the same chickens one month later (end of May):



On the picture above, chickens are sitting on a perch that we just finished yesterday (May 31). Perch was an instant success, chickens love it.

Now we're working on a fence outside the coop so that chickens can play on the grass. As they grow bigger, the coop will soon be too small. Picture below shows the inside of the coop (this picture was taken just before finishing the perch yesterday).


That was a quick update.

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