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Blog moved elsewhere

I moved this blog to another site. 

Everything from now on will be posted on this ↑↑↑ new address.
You can also find all the old articles on the new address as well.
There are two reasons for leaving Cocolog:
1. I found managing blog on Cocolog inconvenient and posting new articles time consuming (basic layout problems like spacing between paragraphs not automatically reflected in final article; cumbersome photo management etc).
2. Cocolog is inherently designed to be used within Japan. It does not assume posting in any other language than Japanese. It does not assume the blog could be viewed in countries other than Japan. This results in several inconveniences, such as access statistics only showing views within Japan, not from around the world. It's not world-wide but Japan-wide. Which is quite narrow.
I hope Cocolog will once decide to fix these issues. Until then, see you on another platform!

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